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I specialize in the study of Galaxy Formation and Evolution. My primary focus is on understanding how galaxies changes their properties along the large scale structures (LSSs). I am deeply interested in understanding star formation activities and am keen on exploring properties such as morphology, chemical abundance, kinematics, and dynamics across various cosmic web density regimes. My work aim to provide crucial insights into galaxy formation and evolution. Most of my research has been based on datasets from Subaru's HSC-SSP. Additionally, I've recently incorporated JWST data to further delve into the morphology of galaxies.


PhD Astronomy

October 2021 -- Present Astronomical Institute, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan

MSc Astronomy

October 2019 -- September 2021 Astronomical Institute, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science & Engineering

2014 -- 2018 JSS Science and Technology University, India

Academic Visiting

CIERA, Northwestern University, Chicago

October 2023 - Present Working with Prof Allison Strom

IPAC/Caltech, Pasadena, California

August 2023 - September 2023 Working with Dr Takahiro Morishita

NAOJ, Subaru Telescope Hilo Base Facility, USA

November 2022 – December 2022 Working with Prof Yusei Koyama

Complete CV

For a comprehensive view of my academic and professional journey, you can download my complete CV below.

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